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Executive coaching is deemed to be the highest form of leadership development as it focuses on a single leader. The executive coaching relationship is a confidential relationship between the leader being coached and his/her coach or coaching team. It assists the leader being coached with assessing job role expectations, skills and knowledge needed to meet those expectations, and strengths and developmental needs.

Initially, the coach or coaching team will work with the learner to assess and clarify issues of concern and specific leadership challenges. They will explore the learner’s leadership strengths, as well as his/her greatest challenges and opportunities for development. Where appropriate, a battery of assessment instruments may be used in the identification of strengths and developmental needs. Collaboratively, they will identify the learner’s top three developmental needs and develop a coaching plan.

The coaching plan will set specific goals and identify strategies and action steps which the learner will utilize in achieving those goals. The learner and coach(es) will agree on evidences which will be utilized in evaluating whether the learner meets the goals and how well he/she meets the goals. While the coaching plan provides structure for the process, a fluidity will be maintained that allows the leader being coached and the coach(es) to redirect their efforts as new needs arise which are more critical and more challenging.

The coach(es) will work with the leader being coached for two to three hours during each face-to-face visit within a manageable framework. For example, monthly coaching visits are highly desirable, but coaching visits may occur weekly, bi-weekly, or every other month over the course of a year or two. In between face-to-face visits, the coach(es) will be available to the leader being coached on an as need basis via telephone, e-mail, and fax.


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