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Atlanta Public Schools (Georgia)


Crystal Lottig
Executive Director, Department for Learning Excellence
Atlanta Public Schools
130 Trinity Avenue, SW
Atlanta, GA   30303
(404) 802-2622

The Superintendent’s Academy for Building Leaders in Education (SABLE) was established in 2001-2002. It is a two-year performance-based instructional leadership development program designed to prepare aspiring district leaders. The program is aligned with the specific technical and adaptive skills and behaviors that are required of all leaders in the Atlanta Public Schools. SABLE is grounded in the research-based best practices, standards, and competencies deemed critical for urban instructional leaders. SABLE leadership content is developed in collaboration with the district and is delivered by associates on the MCO team. In 2008-09, the program will focus on secondary-level leadership development.

SABLE Year 1 combines in-session instruction on personal and organizational leadership with school-based practical experiences, feedback on multiple leadership assessment instruments, participation in an interview clinic, and participation in cross-level learning teams. MCO’s work in delivering the instruction on personal and organizational leadership is designed to mesh seamlessly with the other program elements.

SABLE Year 2 learning is centered on facilitative leadership and action research. SABLE Year 2 learning teams focus on a district-wide instructional challenge, such as middle school reform; conduct research over the year; and present their research and proposed solutions to district leaders.

SABLE leaders promoted at any point in the program receive one-on-one executive coaching to support them as they transition to their new leadership positions. The coaching experience is delivered over the course of a year.

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Guilford County Schools (North Carolina)


Beth L. Folger, Ed.D.
Chief Officer of Curriculum and Organizational Development
Guilford County Schools
501 W. Washington Street
Greensboro, NC  27401
(336) 370-2313

MCO Leadership Associates provided approximately 140 elementary and secondary curriculum facilitators with knowledge and skills to enhance their capacity for working with teachers to improve the quality of instructional delivery in the classroom.  The experiential program introduced learners to theories and concepts related to relationship building and coaching for higher performance while providing opportunities for learners to test their understanding of these concepts and then apply them to real life situations.

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Leeds City Schools (Alabama)


Dr. Billy J. Pack, Superintendent
Leeds City Schools
P. O. Box 1083
Leeds, AL 35094
(205) 699-5437

MCO Leadership Associates provides executive coaching for the three school-level leaders in the Leeds City Schools.  The executive coaching experience is guided by a developmental plan that outlines specific learning goals and improvement strategies. The plan was jointly developed by the coach and the principal coachee. It focuses on personal development based on an assessment of the principal’s job role expectations, skills and knowledge needed to meet those expectations, strengths and development needs. During 2008-09, the primary coaching focus is on the principal’s role in leading and monitoring instruction.  The coaching experience is delivered over the school year.

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Pike County Schools (Georgia)


Linda W. Tanner
Deputy Superintendent
Pike County Schools
16 Jackson Street
Zebulon, GA   30259
(770) 567-8489

The Pike County Leadership Academy is a two-year program that equips a select group of ten teachers with the leadership, management, and relationship skills essential for effective leadership from the classroom and as future administrators.  The experiential program was delivered over nine days during the 2007-08.  Two additional days of training will be provided during 2008-09.  The Academy introduced this group of rising stars to theories and concepts related to effective leadership, management, and relationship building while providing opportunities for learners to test their understanding of these concepts and then apply them to real life situations which are faced by schools each day.  Between each of the nine day long program sessions, leadership enhancement experiences aided participants in making connections between program session content and how things are done in Pike County.  Further these enhancement experiences provided opportunities for the teacher leaders to develop their skills as reflective practitioners.  

During 2008-09, MCO Leadership Associates will provide services to the administration and faculty of Pike County Middle School.  The program content will be designed based on specific team-building needs of the faculty as they transition from a campus where they functioned in four separate buildings to a newly constructed middle school.




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